I am an illustrator living and working in Stockholm. My colorful illustrations are drawn by hand giving my work a unique texture.

I have studied at the Hochschule für Design & Kunst in Lucerne Switzerland and at the Royal College of Art, Design & Craft in Stockholm. Clients include American Express, The Boston Globe, Dwell, Jamie Mag, Weleda, and Double Day Books.



UK + USA: Twenty Twenty

Sweden: Agent Molly & Co

Germany, Austria, Switzerland: Wildfoxrunning

Australia + New Zealand: International Creative Services

Japan + Asia: Artliaison


MalinRosenqvist 2018_25
MalinRosenqvist 2018_19
God Jul_Malin_Rosenqvist2
Malin_Rosenqvist Nov_6
Malin_Rosenqvist Nov_22
Happy easter1
Malin Rosenqvist04
Malin Rosenqvist crocodile3
Six plus one
Hide & Seek
Book cover
The Old Man
MalinRosenqvist 2018_21
MalinRosenqvist 2018_20
Malin_Rosenqvist Nov_28
Malin_Rosenqvist Nov_23
Happy easter2
Malin Rosenqvist giraffe
MalinRosenqvist 2018_23
MalinRosenqvist 2018_22
Malin_Rosenqvist Nov_30
Malin_Rosenqvist Nov_5
Malin_Rosenqvist Nov_24
Happy easter6
Malin Rosenqvist03
Malin Rosenqvist crocodile2
Freezing Art Fair
A day at the circus1
Mice pattern